About us

Our main activity is the making of woodenware ("suha roba"), but not of all kinds. We make 25 kinds of wooden vessels and are considered to be vessel-makers. The production of Ribnica woodenware is divided into branches: side-rim making, bottom making, making of sieves and riddles, spoon making, making of toothpicks, wickerwork, joinery, wood making, tool making, making of souvenirs, decorating and assembling of products and vessel making.

Throughout history the inhabitants of Ribnica rarely occupied themselves withseveral branches at a time. This has been the case for centuries and we have maintained this tradition of making all sorts of wooden vessels for over a hundred years. Our father or grandfather manufactured wooden vessels, pails and tubs. Nowadays the purpose andgreatness of the products is adapted to the modern usage.

Even though the plastic vessels attempted to replace the wooden vessels, the latter remain, because they are high-quality products made of natural materials, environment- and people-friendly.